Predictable Surprises

  I believe it's crazy not to expect surprises in life, good... and bad. We all know that they can pop up at anytime no matter whatever else is happening at the moment. We all seem to understand that they can happen to anyone, all races, religions, and social stature. Yet... everyone seems genuinely SURPRISEd when they do! I say... roll with it.
  If it's a shocking but exciting surprise... well, I don't think that really needs explanation. Be happy about it! (I've recently had something like this happen) If it's a shocking but upsetting surprise... take some time to vent to a loved one or friend, then start figuring out how to move past it. (I've recently experienced this too) The longer you hold onto these feelings or feel sorry for yourself, the longer it will be before you can get things squared away. It could also cause physical and mental reprocutions to your body and mind. Your thoughts and feelings effect the way your body runs. It can weaken your immune system and depression can form. You actually make yourself sick. It's important to keep a positive mindset and everything will fall into place. (literally sometimes) If your negative, then negativity will find you. This is a proven fact!
  I'm speaking from A LOT of experience. This is the one piece of advice (out of many!)that has always worked for me. I never know what in the hell to expect anymore when I wake up in the morning. So...I expect the unexpected!



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