A Fall Morning

 A crisp fall morning awakens from it's deep slumber.
Cold mist hangs about the air.. showing signs of an early winter.
The first fingers of  sunlight melt the invading frost as it creeps upon the landscape.

The world stirs to a chorus of birds rustling amongst the tree branches.
Insects and animals alike emerge from their damp earthen homes to ready themselves for a day of work.
A tiny, red squirrel scampers hurridly across the ground.

Flora and fauna open towards the slowly warming sky revealing a vibrant pallet of colors.
The fragrance of purple pansies mingle with wet earth to form a heavenly scent
A bee... (unable to resist) weaves in and out of the silky petals.

Forming shadows dance atop the high grass as a breeze blows past.
Dogs bark in the distance, romping through the fields.
No other sounds exist...
No other sights to be seen,
but Mother Nature herself.



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