Good things are happening

My little family and I have recently made a few major changes that have effected us in a really awesome way. One of these changes was an out of state move due to my husband (we shall call him A) getting a new job. This job is exactly what we were needing to dig ourselves out of this hole we fell into. Another plus about this change is the state we moved to. I'm originally from here and most of my family lives here... basically I came home!

The downside to this is my husband A's work schedule. It's the pitts!

He is on a probationary basis right now which means he has to work the hours that everyone else hates. This basically leaves me alone with three rowdy boys for the hardest part of the day... evenings. I don't know about you... but feeding three cranky bottomless pitts, wrangling their extremely dirty bodies into the bathtub, and getting them to bed (in their own bed) on time is quite difficult for me.

I'm happy to say though that I've done well... I'm really proud of myself. This schedule has forced me to step up to the plate and get my sometimes lazy butt in gear. It has allowed me to take back control. I feel more confident and less dependent on A.

The less I rely on A... the less I'm likely to be disappointed when he lets me down.

Good things are happening which makes the decision to move here even more worth it!



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