She sat beside the open window in a meditative trance listening; watching the pitter patter of drops descending from the sky. No other sound exists. No other scene deserves her attention more than this.
A smile plays upon her lips.

pitter patter plop, pitter patter plop

Charcoal clouds move past depositing the droplets upon the earth dampening everything but her soul. She loves the rain; the cleansing effect it has upon her. She views it as a chance to shed the hurt and ugliness. Another chance to start anew as nature intended.

plip plop plip

Nourishing roots,
Encouraging growth,
Releasing the beauty within.

She looks to the earth for inspiration on a life well lived.



  1. That's such a pretty picture! This morning I got up, and it was foggy and moist and smelled like the prairie does. I loved it! Those kinds of mornings definitely feed my soul!

    1. Thank you Lara! There is so much beauty in nature... it's hard not to be inspired and enriched.

  2. A very peaceful piece. I liked it.


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