What makes this MY life?

Three things...
Three very small and important human beings.
Little souls with loving hearts; a sweet innocence uncorrupted.
Three sets of curious faces with broad toothy smiles.
Cuddles and bear hugs uninterrupted.

My reasons for waking; my reasons for breathing.
The reason I came into being.
Bright lights unwavering when all else grows dark.
My inspiration; my rainbows from heaven when the world has turned stark.

Three little humans...
Three handsome and very smart boys.
Turning life upside down, inside out.
My caffeine; my medication
Reassurance in a world of doubt.

Temper tantrums; broken hearts.
Tears and a quivering chin.
Lessons to be learned.
Time outs to be served.
Screams and yells much to my chagrin.

Three little boys...
Three little bundles of energy and dirt.
Three times the toys and cleaning.
The mopping and the sweeping.
Three times the Mr. Bubbles and Pert.

My joy; my hope
The reasons I dream.
Giggles, tickles and "I love you mommy".
My teachers in being patient and free.

My boys...
My loves.
My existence...


*This post was written for Kick In The Blog


  1. Hi Dana,

    A very nice tribute to your boys! May they always hear the laughter in life. I really liked this line.

    "Little souls with loving hearts; a sweet innocence uncorrupted"

    1. Thank you very much! I just can't believe how fast they are growing before my eyes. My youngest is about to turn 1!

  2. That was so beautiful. The love for your boys just pours out of this. Love it.

    1. Thank you! They are growing before my eyes. My youngest is turning one this Monday!

  3. I love this, of course, cause I have three little ones of my own. Your poetry is great! And here's more proof that I love your blog.


    I hope you like it!!

    1. Oh I love it! Thank you so much Rebecca.I really appreciate this.


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