All For Show

Parading within the spotlight
You never could resist
Putting on a good show
For an eager crowd of strangers

Those of us who know
Can smell the stink of dung
Clinging to your every word


~ Written for Poetry Jam
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  1. Lol.... no beating about the bush here.. you get right to the point. I don't like people who spread nothing but poop like that either.
    Nicely said :)

  2. Ha, Dana! I know people like this too. However, little do they know most of the time that their 'make-up' is very transparent!

    1. Yes Mary... EXACTLY! I love your comment! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. oh snap...nice turn in this....yeah i know a few that will play to the crowd, but those that really know aint pretty...

  4. Hi Dana! So true--the stench reveals itself sooner or later, great choices of words and excellent take on the prompt :-)

  5. I guess there's people like this everywhere! Best to stand back to avoid the stench!

  6. Oh gee ... I spent a few years trying to maintain a relationship with someone just like this! Good thing I ended it, it was exhausting just watching him. Great poetry!!!

  7. Good depiction of a type of person many of us have known--and seen through!

  8. great take on the prompt!!!

    thanks for participating at Poetry Jam!


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