Grow Up

Breathing in the knowledge
Letting it fill my mind
Turning, Churning
Processing over time
Forming realizations
That can't be ignored
Smelling the stench
Of reality
And pulling the cord
That connects you and I
From growing apart
Enabling you
From facing responsibilities
Allowing you to act
Like the child
You are


~ Written for Poetics @dVerse Poets
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  1. i have mixed feelings on this one...i think that there are far too many enablers out there that save their children from responsibility and in the end are setting their kids up for a big fail when reality hits them...because it will and the parents wont be there to save them...and its gonna get ugly...sorry i may have tnagented badly there but...its where you took me...

    fixed your link at dverse

    1. Your extremely close Brian! This IS about a child being sheltered and not having to face responsibility... but the child is now grown up and still is unable to face their responsibilities. They are very childlike in their thinking that the world will always bail them our or help them.

      Thanks for fixing my link... I don't know how I managed to mess that up!

  2. I've always thought about what I would do if i had kids, especially as they grow up and start to do all the things that I DID as a young teenager. The great thing about this poem is it creates the debate...children ARE children and not adults...yet where do you draw the line? much freedom do you allow them to have? not sure I know the answer....

    1. Well... you are headed in the right direction, but this poem is about an adult who was never allowed to be so. Now, I'm having to do the job/teaching that this person's parents never did. I'm having to allow and adult to be an adult and make their own mistakes so they can finally grow up to be the adult that they are. I hope it all makes sense! haha Thanks Stu for the wonderful prompt!

  3. In raising children, most often it is so hard to know the answers....I can only hope my children look back at my raising of them in the same way that I look back at the way my parents raised me. I now realize they did the best they could, and they did it with love. I hope my children know this as well. But darn, some decisions are really hard to make, especially when kids are adolescents and fighting everything tooth and nail.

  4. Yes, some children never grow up. But it is a compromise. We need maturity in some things - reliable and responsible, trustworthy, and yet we mustn't squash delight and joy.

  5. I really liked this one. Enough to go back and re-read it aloud. Very strong message. Nice job!

  6. You have made me realize the challenge and delicate job of parenthood. I believe there is a time and place for teaching responsibilities and consequences of one's actions to children. While I want to shield my children from the brute reality of life, I don't want them to shy away from it either ~

  7. We can hold our children so tight they don't grow. You have written a warning and sadly and outcome...nice work!

  8. If we don't let children make any mistakes and take responsibility for them, either they never grow up - which might go a long way to explaining why the world is in the mess it is in now - or the first mistake they make is huge and its consequences devastating, both for us and, more importantly , for them.


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