Finding the way back - Pt 2

She feels alone with her thoughts as if she resides in her own small world. A world where emotions flow within the breeze and words penned on paper hang from the air. Loneliness has invaded her being. It's a loneliness that yearns for friendly companionship. Day after day, she moves behind these walls caring for her family and home. Taking pride in her accomplishments, but never completely fulfilled. Day after day, she searches to connect with others on a level she can relate to.

A need to vent, to gossip, to laugh with another who understands her; another who will always be there when called upon. She hopes for a friend who will listen to her stories; who will read the words she puts to paper without judgment. A friend who can offer a bit of advice. She needs another who will assist her in escaping the walls that confine her... if only for a moment.

"Life without a friend is death without a witness" author unknown

This woman currently lives for others only, but she dreams of living a little for herself.



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