Veterans Day lesson

While driving home today, after picking W up from Kindergarten, he told me he wanted to bring a toy he won by participating in a fundraiser to school the next day so he could show his friends. I explained to him that he didn't have school on Friday because of the Veterans Day holiday. Naturally, W wanted to know what Veterans Day was and why it was a holiday. So I explained.

We talked about the different branches of the military and exactly what a veteran was. I explained how Veterans Day is the day we honor our veterans and those who are currently serving our country. We even talked about W's Papa who use to work on A10's while in the Air Force. He asked a lot of questions and genuinely seemed interested (as well as slightly confused at times) which made me extremely happy (not about the confused part!). W even recited most of The Pledge of Allegiance for me which surprised me. I wasn't aware he knew it!

As we pulled into the driveway, I asked him what he thought about our conversation and if he would like to learn more about Veterans Day. His response was "Mom, I can make funny noises out of my nose... gnee, gnee, gnee."

Well... I tried! I guess I bored him more than I thought, I forget how short his attention span is.

Happy Veterans Day to those who served and are serving our country. Thank You!



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