Finding the way back

Not long ago, there was a quiet and very confused teenage girl pushing her way through life as if she was stuck in quicksand. This girl grew fast and is now an outspoken and even more confused woman who feels that her life resembles a revolving door.

This womans' dreams have not changed much over the years. Due mostly to the fact that they have not transpired. Her passion for writing still burns through her fingertips. She feels too deeply and loves, perhaps, too much. The evidence can be seen on her emotionally wrought face, it can be read in the words that she writes.  Hunger for life seeps from her eyes. Always wanting more, always striving for a positive change. Her damaged self esteem has not yet begun to heal. Thus her heart remains in chains.

This woman... she holds onto hope still; latching onto the good surrounding her. Enveloping her entire being around her three beautiful, little souls. Desperately clawing her way to finding peace within. A peace that can produce a calm in her life, an ease that will allow her to really LIVE.



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