Ripples break the mirrored surface distorting reflections of moss covered trees.
Cicadas softly call from hidden spaces as twilight fades into the dark of night.
A piers' aged, creaking boards stretch outward accessing the deep ecosystem;
inviting curious visitors.
Cypress trees rise with bony algae covered features from the depths;
their knobby roots jutting along the waters edge.
Shrill chirps ring as tiny green frogs emerge to sing a nightly chorus echoing through the bayou.
Wondrous and frightening creatures smartly slink in the murk as some slip off to sleep.
A full moon rises along with whispery winds pushing through humid air.
Twinkling flashes fly erratically momentarily brightening a place of darkness.
An owl hoots eerily in the distance drawing you into the enchantment.
A mystical realm not to be taken for granted, not to be ignored for a more promising scene.
Can you envision the beauty within? Can you see?

Time seems to touch me increasingly faster. I look to my home for the answer.

In my home... time stands still.



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