To the one who made me who I am...

 Everyone has someone who inspires them, who showed them the beginnings to what will be a great love. Everyone has someone to THANK for showing them a new path that was never visible before.
I have several writers/friends that I can go to for advice and inspiration, but only one has a special place in my heart... and always will.

 Growing up... I was immersed in a world of music, art, and poetry. My love of reading began from the moment I learned how to sound out my first word. My love of poetry began when that first poem flowed from my pencil. I was introduced to genres of music that fascinated me and was taught how to appreciate each one. Art soon followed, Van Gogh being my first favorite. From an early age, I saw the arts in a different light. I saw past the obvious, on a level most kids my age never knew existed.

 This person (who would like to remain anonymous much to my chagrin) has made me who I am today. Some of my favorite memories are of us sitting in the soft glow of a lamp with a record spinning on the record player. Relaxing, eyes closed... absorbing the music and the unique quality the record itself added. In this instance... it's Julio Iglesias, recorded in Spanish. Not knowing how to speak or understand a lick of Spanish... I still understood every word. Images playing in my mind as his beautiful voice lifted off the record and melted my heart. Eyes still closed... my teacher would ask, "What is it that you hear?" "What do you think he's saying?" We then would engage in a conversation with such depth, no child my age could possibly understand... but I did. I was taught to understand...

  This person is who I thank for my ability to write, for my ability to look beyond the outer layer. This person gave me an outlook on life in which I could never repay. I will forever cherish that. I will forever be changed.

THANK YOU from the very depths of my soul.

I am determined to make you proud.

I wanted to share a poem that this special someone wrote. Just so you can experience the mind that mentored me!


Life, begins for each with the cry of need,
         Sure to bring the usual soft smile
         Of a nurturing mother.

Time, with love brings change to the
          Eyes of a growing babe.

Change,  thru time brings reality to the
               Now growing child.

Reality, ensued by the pain of life
             Brings more need.

Life,  with the burden of need, thrust
         Us all into the emotion of love.

Love, now heavy with need, yearns
          Company to ease the ever searching
          Ache of love.

Love, like the nurturing mother, releases
          The hunger of everlasting need.

(Author would like to remain unknown)


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  1. What a wonderful person and experiences to have in your childhood, Dana. We should have all been so blessed. Beautiful post.

    1. I do feel blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life! Thanks.


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