Writers Retreat

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Wispy violets sway
As the air from my passing car
Moves them to dance

Waiting with childlike anticipation
For the trees to part
Revealing a sparkling oasis
And my beloved summer cottage

Grand memories fuel my emotions
Until they burst forth
In the form of smiles and tears

Two months of bliss
Two months of catching fireflies as the sun sets upon the water
Two months in this writers version of heaven

If only it could be forever ~ then what?
Oh the possibilities!


Written for Writer's Workshop

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  1. I'm coming!! Ohh this sounds heavenly!! I love the flow of the poem and all the images you bring to mind within it. You do a fabulous job capturing the moment here.

  2. Jumping through the computer screen didn't work - alas, alack, i wanted a fast way to get there; but your words are the next best thing.

  3. I. want. to. go. there! Well done~

  4. SAM, Sorry Gnat, and Courtney... I'm getting in my car and coming to pick ya'll up! Let's Go!

  5. smiles....how fun would that be...time away just to write...a summer cabin would be amazing as well....

    1. It would be great to get away... to be surrounded completely by nature and thoughts.

  6. "Grand memories fuel my emotions
    Until they burst forth
    In the form of smiles and tears"

    You captured this beautifully.


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