From The Start... I Knew

Edgy vibes drip like sweat from your skin
And leave traces of a lie on mine
Rendering me cold
As we shake hands for the first time

      You don't know...
      But that's all I needed

      To know
      To stay away

Shifting from one foot to the other
Attempting to hide your real you
I see you scan my possessions
For tasty morsels

A hicked up Alan Jackson
With mistrustful eyes
That I can instantly discern
Strives to pour on the charm

It is my gift to see
To feel
That your an ass
And nothing more


~Written for dVerse Poets Pub
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  1. sometimes we know from the first moment we meet someone and i think it's good to trust our inner voice here, yet still try to be open-minded enough to prove them we've been wrong.. happened with one of my colleagues at work, had a very bad impression when i first met him but after getting to know him better, really changed my mind

    1. I always give them the benefit of the doubt, but I've never been wrong yet. In this case,I am right to stay away. My nieghbor is nothing but trouble in a charm filled package.

  2. ohh!! great write!

  3. Replies
    1. You bet I will! I can sniff out a creep a mile away.Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am glad that you can see very quickly behind the false charm. Best to run away from such people ~

    1. Oh yes, I've encountered enough of these jerks to not even think twice!

  5. oh snap...smiles...yes you can tell right from the beginning at times about people...nice use of alan jackson to cover a lot of description for you as well...

    1. He looks almost exactly like Alan Jackson which works in his favor(most of the time). Alan Jackson has better teeth and manners though!

  6. I am pretty good at reading people on first meeting - not always correct but mostly. It is a good gift to have...and a gift to write of it so well.

    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks! I've not been wrong yet, but I always give them a second chance to change my mind.

  7. Oh yes...gotta trust the gut there! Just a wonderful peep through your eyes at QUITE the character. My skin still crawls!

  8. always best when you can pick 'em out from the start.

  9. 'a hicked up Alan Jackson..." run girl, run. Kinda says it all, but the rest of the poem removes any doubt--great little cameo of a predator, and those vibes that can't be ignored.

  10. Sometimes there is gold under that layer of brown sediment, sometimes not!
    A nice assemblage of words nonetheless. I liked "mistrustful eyes".

  11. This gives me a sick feeling because it reminds me of a sociopath kind of character a lot like someone I dated once--only I didn't heed that warning voice. Way too charming. Nicely portrayed, Dana.

    1. That's how me makes me feel... not right. There's something about him that creeps me out every time I see him. He's my neighbor so it's hard to totally avoid him!


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