She's a Workaholic


There were fifteen pictures left and spare flashbulbs in her pocket

Photography takes her away
To that place
Where nothing can touch her

No words  biting at her bruised flesh
Negativity filling her lungs with each sad breath

Just her and her trustworthy camera
Which is the only thing she can depend on
Consisting only of plastic and metal parts; no heart

Where's the Wizard of Oz when you need him...

The coolness of it in her hands
Dissipating the heat from her anger

That last fight was a doozy...

Looking through the lens
Into a parallel universe
A world filled with smiles and beauty
With love

That special place she covets
Where she would gladly reside forever
And so she tries


*Written for dVerse Open Link Night and BloggyMoms Writer's Workshop
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  1. i feel you...we all have those escapes...other lenses that we view through to change the scenery if we need to...

  2. Looking through the lens
    Into a parallel universe... i like this much.. looking through a different lens to escape things, to make sense of life again.. for some it's photography, for others painting, writing, dancing... think our soul needs those windows to escape..

    1. Yes... totally! Mine is through writing poetry and short fiction stories. I would probably have gone crazy a long time ago if it wasn't for my writing!

  3. she sounds like a very sad person, not capture the beauty and life through her camera . wow, that must have been some fight. Thumbs up on the write

  4. At least she's streaming that "-oholic" tendency to something positive.

  5. It is nice to have that parallel universe sometime that one can reach either by writing or taking photographs!

  6. I think you catch that sense of what drives the artist so often well here--refuge, a place refined and to some extent within one's control. It can save your life, if you are able to let it.

  7. This makes me think of Alice Through the Looking Glass only with a camera instead of a mirror. I can totally relate to this piece. It's written beautifully, Dana.

    Thanks for linking up this week!!

    1. Thank you for providing the prompt and oppurtunity!

  8. I like that she using her talent to capture and create the world she wants~ Lovely share Dana ~

  9. We all have our own version of her camera, very nice.

  10. Thanks to everyone who came and left wonderful comments!I appreciate the kind words and support.

  11. Nicely done. You captured a lot of emotion in just a few lines. Bravo!

  12. Nicely done, Dana. I can totally relate to this.


  13. Love it, love it! Visiting from bloggy moms writer's workshop prompt. Just finished mine and will be linking it up.


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