Starlit Dreams

My heart weeps at the magnificence of the midnight sky
During summers last act
Moving me to cry as I thrust my face upward
Outward to accept the gift of this sight
My heart aches to sparkle as brightly
- just once
To burn with as much power and passion
Having a great impact on all who behold me
Moving them to emotion as I am moved
My heart yearns to roam the vastness of space
To be free from the pain life causes
To dance with the heavens as I gaze upon the sphere we call home
- just once
To experience the flight of Angels while adorning their jewels
Witnessing their brilliance
Knowing their knowledge of mans overall goodness
To know for all eternity that we as people will shine alongside the stars
Being capable of love and respect
- just once
Before I descend to my world and look upon the faces of my cherubs
And be reminded constantly that they are why I'm still here


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub and BloggyMoms Writers Workshop
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  1. mmm...great closure...and for sure...there are reasons i am still children being one...i would love to see the earth from space though...what a neat perspective that would be...

  2. A kind of celebration of the earth and the flaming passion of the cosmos - and could be an elegy to Neil Armstrong who did have that chance to blaze through space, see the earth from afar, and return to be a sustenance and model for his family. Beautiful words.

  3. Beautiful imagery and great passion in this for me--Lovely!

  4. This is a lovely...I like the last summer night, gazing at the stars and heavens in awe...then coming home to your family, to find the reason why you are still here ~

  5. Lovely, intriguing!
    Your narrator is sweetly placed in the universe we know by wishing to ascend before descending, wishing to experience grace without realizing that she is creating it each and every day.

  6. A profound and beautiful wish, and vision, you've articulated so musically here, Dana. Meaning is there for us all if we look, and sometimes very close to home.

  7. Oh yes, I want to embrace the sky, run through those constellations--and then we see the stars in our own children's eyes. Well done!

  8. Thanks everyone for coming by to read! I appreciate your thoughts and love reading them. Sorry I can't answer each of you like usual but internet is sporatic due to the weather.

  9. This is so emotional and beautiful. Thanks for linking up, Dana!

  10. have a great way of putting words together!


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