Life Within The Season

Mothers pallet is comprised of an earthen blend
With golden underscores
Leaves heavy with paint rain downward
Crunching beneath sneakered feet
Creating a most beautiful symphony
Rewarding a more lively and aware world
Whom celebrate her genius within her masterpiece

Anxious mouths and belly's
Teased by scintillating aromas
Drifting throughout inviting spaces
Gift chocolate greetings
Including pie crust smiles
Warming chilled emotions
As they arrive

From abbreviated days
And jewel encrusted nights
Where wooden smells invade the streets
Rolling like fog
Cars moving steadily through
Like ships on a cheerless sea
Sailors eager to spy the sunny promise of home

Where pots explode with nourishment
Love and pride
Partake of it; homemade comfort
Surrounded by familiar faces
And constant verbal excitement
A lullaby crackling beneath the hearth
Quiets the night so all may lie beneath cloth layers


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse and Writer's Workshop
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  1. Dana, first time here, thanks to dverse. I LOVE this. Your palette is not simply reflecting the image (although that is beautiful); it captures the essence of autumn. As those colored fallen leaves wilt into their own shades of brown, I often feel as though the earth is being put to bed for the winter. Just as we have quilts, so Nature has hers... Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    1. Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop by.I was trying real hard to accomplish that so I really appreciate you taking notice.

  2. mmm love me some home made comfort and the wood smell on the air that comes in def evoke the season well in fav time of year! i love the pallete of this time of year...

    1. This is my favorite time of the year also. I love the earthy tones and the smell of wood burning in a fireplace!The baked goodies and weather are nice too.

  3. Isn't there something so special about hearing all those leaves crunching under your feet and the sell of the earth in the air is so strong. The leaves almost play a symphony themselves. Loved this!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the sound of crunching leaves and a crackling fire!

  4. I love the music of the crunching leaves--you wove a beautiful scene here, the earth is going into hibernation, but it smells so amazing :-) A wonderful poem.

  5. the symphony of crunching leaves under the feet...what a magical the warm colors you paint autumn with..

    1. Thank you Claudia! I always appreciate your visits and comments.

  6. One might think that a poet would be most intently inspired by the rebirth of spring, but I find the near-death of autumn as stirring as green-up. You've captured that spirit and cascade of images beautifully, Dana

  7. Smoothly sensual; did you mean to leave out the apostrophe in mothers? i.e., mother's?

  8. Really loved the last stanza! Pots exploding, lullabys cracking... I would like to go to that place. :)

  9. Oh..all the beautiful things about autumn - the leaves under my feet, the tasty aroma of autumn delicacies.. and that big autumn party - Thanksgiving.
    Your poem presented a beautiful autumn tableau. :-)


  10. You are a gifted poet, Dana. This was incredibly lovely!


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