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Words rupture in my mouth
I upchuck
Spewing thoughts
Opinions, feelings
All over your
Surprised face

Drenching you in
Questions and excitement

Disagreeable you
Wipe them off and
Toss them away
Like they never where
In existence


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse
* I used the word excitement mark because that is what my 6yr old likes to call exclamation points!
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  1. haha...excitement marks...very cool..and ouch if someone just wipes that all away..in such moments you would need rather someone to help you sort it..

    1. Thanks! I had to include it. I was doing homework with him yesterday and he kept telling me the sentence needed an excitement mark! Communication has to be important on both sides or this is bound to happen. Thanks Claudia for stopping by. It's always a pleasure!

  2. smiles.....actually there is a lot going on in this...first understanding how we communicate...and then how we receive...if we spew what choice do we give them...but then again they should listen....

    1. I'm positive you already know this, but communication is extremely important. This is the result of one not caring so the other holds it in until it explodes outward. Thank you Brian for understanding! (and stopping by of course!)

  3. Communication so important and the way things are said. Sometimes we explode because no one is really listening.

    1. Exactly Ayala! We are only human and can take so much.

  4. intense description...the way the words rupture...the way they're thrown away...very nice!

  5. I agree, communication is important. sometimes in our excitement, we get things mixed up ~ Nice to see you at D'verse ~

    1. Thank you Heaven! I participate every chance I get.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! Welcome to my page. I appreciate you stopping by to read!

  7. I enjoyed your poem, Dana. Nice imagery.
    Also, I have to say in the free-writing at the top, I kept getting a feeling of Halloween . . . "scooping out the brain" (like the guts of a pumpkin) and then later when you mention, "ghostly." Good job!

  8. Hey Dana, the new look is brilliant! Khara is a treasure to know, isn't she? Love the poem; I'm afraid I did a little of what your poem describes myself today,except the words weren't meant to be forgotten. :)

  9. I guess we can't make anyone listen, if they refuse. Still, it's important to attempt communication and use those excitement marks sometimes.


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