Falling Together

Wrote this today with the help of my sis, you are definitly not alone......

When the day has been hectic with no end in sight,
If you've just gone through another sleepless night,
When things look as if they may be falling a part,
keep looking forward because it may be falling together!

Busy little boy!!

There is nothing better than spending your sunday fishing toys out of the toilet. Let's just say I will need to buy a new kitchen tong next time we go to the store. I knew I should of dropped everything and ran when I heard a little redhead giggling in the next room!

Poem: Time Slipping Away

I wrote this about 6yrs. ago.

Time Slipping Away

Day by day,
Time slipping away.
Where have all my days gone?
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring,
Another year gone by.
New inventions, children growing,
Time to start on my own.
Memories of yesterday fresh on my mind,
Thoughts of tomorrow not clear.
So many problems I'm expected to solve.
So little time to make decisions.
Responsibility taking hold.
Sometimes I'm shocked by it all.
Live life fully and I'll survive.
Day by day,
Meet new people, make new friends, love my enemies.
Society is really changing.
Years and years down the road,
Who knows what our destiny holds.
Day by day,
Time slipping away.
What have I done with my life?
I have lived!

After the Rain

After the rain has gone, the world has been replenished. Everything is more beautiful than before. The clouds make way for the suns'  healing rays and the world warms up. Diamonds made from tiny raindrops hang in the trees sparkling like nothing I've ever seen. All the darkness has been washed away and my soul feels happiness once again. Butterflies float about restoring the beauty of the world. Rabbits venture out to find food in the soggy grass.The whole world comes out to drink. Bright colors consume the sky as a rainbow stretches across leading to a secret place. There's something wonderful about the feeling you get after the rain.

The little things

You don't realize how much you take things for granted until you are without them. We have been renting the trailer we are living in for 6 months now, and have had repeated problems with the A/C unit. This past saturday has made it the 7th time our A/C has decided to go on strike. That is more than once a month. I am not too pleased about this situation. Our landlord gets someone out here to fix it, but it seems like we are always last on the repairmans list. That means we are made to suffer for 2-3 days. I know back in the old days when my parents walked to school in the snow barefoot....... they didn't have A/C either and they turned out alright. Growing up, I was use to the comforts of a nice cool house. People forget though that it's a luxery and not a necessity.......although living here in Texas, its pretty damn close to a necessity! I know we will survive, and by the time its all fixed......maybe I will have lost a pound or too!


If you find yourself lost, open up your eyes.......there may be a reason why you ended up there.

Poem: Letting Go

*I know you've seen this already, I was adding a label and it posted it again.*

Letting Go

A canopy of swaying trees shielding me from the world.
Rays of sunshine passing through the branches of my protectors.
Hearing the daily activities of life, I still feel like I'm the only one in this part of the world.
The smells of the cedar trees traveling through the air.
I'm lost body and soul among the woods where nobody can penetrate my surroundings.
Animals go about their routines passing me like I was a permanent fixture.
The songs of the birds soothing my soul and enveloping my mind.
Plenty of room for my thoughts to stretch and roam without interruption.
Expressing my feelings without fear of being seen.
I close my eyes and let myself be free.
I feel the safest here in the middle of nowhere.
This is where I feel most alive.
This is where I can let go!

I wrote this poem on Feb. 2004

  • Just wanted to note that I've noticed since starting this blog and laying out all my poems, a lot of them are about nature or nature is mentioned in one form or another.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Since William had an awesome day at preschool and has been a good listener today, I gave him a sugar cookie and a glass of milk. He and his daddy made them last night from scratch. I got busy washing dishes and folding clothes while he ate and watched his movie. About 30 minutes later, I just so happened to walk by and glance at the plate of cookies on the counter, thats when I  noticed something.... There was an empty space where a bunch of cookies should have been. About half the plate was gone!! So, I ask my little angel about the missing cookies. He grins his big I got caught smile and runs off to his room. I took that as a yes momma I ate the cookies dash for freedom . I moved the plate to a higher location in the kitchen so he couldn't sneak anymore and went back to the endless pile of laundry. About 10 minutes later, I heard him in the kitchen again and slowly made my way in there. The little stinker had climbed on top of the counter and was in the middle of snatching another cookie. Lets just say, no one will be getting any more cookies today. They are currently in the trash!

Thanks everyone

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been clicking on the ads for me. I am almost to $10.00. Thats when they will send me a check on the 1st of Oct. Anything helps :)

                                  Thank You !!                                      


  I'm surrounded by a room full of people, yet I feel loneliness inside. All are familiar, kind faces that I love. They don't get me though. None of them really know who I am. No one here connects with me, insight into my soul. I love that they love me, but I can't draw comfort from them. They see the me that I want them to see. They see the smile I want them to see. Nobody knows me with just one look. Not one can tell with just a glance. They came because I wanted them to.  They are here because they should be. I'm frustrated! I can't express myself in the manner that I want to, they don't understand. It's beyond them. I nod, make small talk, and smile like I should. I'm suffocating, mentally exhausted. I need someone to know me. I need someone to say..... I know. A person on my level of thought, on my level emotionally. I don't want to have to say a word. Am I wrong to want this? To me....It's all apart of being human. It's all about striving to be a better person. I float about the room like a good hostess should. I serve and entertain. I go through the motions ,not letting anyone in on my thoughts. All of this I do alone. How can it be that I recognize the little things in people? How can I be the only one? I hate to say that they don't care, it's just not true. I don't want to say that they are selfish, I love them. They just don't get me. They don't get my moods and gestures, my fears or dreams. No one knows what they are, or what they really mean. I want to let someone in. I want to be understood.

Poem: What do you think?

written on April 7,2004

What do you think?

Does it really give you all you want,
fullfill your every little need?
Does it really  make you happy,
filling all the holes?
Does it really make you famous,
give you a whole new attitude?
Do you really control it,
not letting it take your life?
Some would say yes,
but is that what they really feel?
Some would say no,
but are they really happy either?
Is there really a way around it?
Isn't it a crazy thing,
yet we are not crazy?
I don't think there is a right answer for anything,
do you?


What would life be like if you never took chances? What would taking chances be without the risks involved? Contemplating what is right is a factor of life, just don't contemplate too long.


Its amazing how two little boys can be so alike, yet so different at the same time. There's no doubt they are brothers..... they came from the same mom and dad! To look at them though, there are very few physical similarities.  Thier personalities are also very different, but if you were to watch them....they move the same. They smile and laugh the same. They both talk the same and play with the same toys. Thier hand gestures are identicle. They both run thier fingers through soft, fine hair as they relax. I love the fact that they are not carbon copies of each other, what fun would that be?

Always adding new things

I'm always adding new things to my site. I recently added the sites I love area. Go check it out! Please let me know what you think about the new additions. Also, if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Forced Battles

  • This is something I wrote several years ago that I want to share. I feel I must tell you to look beyond the words and think about the real meaning of what I'm saying here. It's not meant to be anything but my emotions....

I'm trapped in an unbreakable cycle of madness, sadness, and neglect. I'm trapped inside of a shell I no longer recognize. A stranger is here, a stranger I see often. The stranger with the twisted face. Contorted into something horrid. I was pulled by a force into this unbreakable cycle long before I had the will to fight. The force, so tightly wound about me, took me by surprise. Only the stranger and I occupy this space. I hide but it always finds me. It watches me as I scream but it only hears silence, so it smiles. I fight but the cycle is too strong. The stranger is too strong. I beat on the shell for help but it goes unnoticed because I'm weak. I can hear it laugh, the contorted face smiling. The laughter echoes through the layers vibrating off the walls. I cover my ears to save my sanity. I will fight. I will keep fighting until I defeat this stranger. I will take control and become me again. I have to break this cycle. I need to find the key that will free my soul before I lose this battle forever.

Poem: To Forget

I wrote this several years ago. I can't quite remember the exact date.

To Forget

The secrets I hold deep in my soul, no one will ever know.
Secrets so old, buried deep in my soul and laid down to rest.
Secrets so bold, way down below and covered by happier thoughts.
No one will ever guess.
These secrets only I must bear include memories in tow, places in the past with people I have met.
No one will ever understand.
Secrets only I know but conveniently I forget.
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~Birds of a feather~