Poem: Letting Go

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Letting Go

A canopy of swaying trees shielding me from the world.
Rays of sunshine passing through the branches of my protectors.
Hearing the daily activities of life, I still feel like I'm the only one in this part of the world.
The smells of the cedar trees traveling through the air.
I'm lost body and soul among the woods where nobody can penetrate my surroundings.
Animals go about their routines passing me like I was a permanent fixture.
The songs of the birds soothing my soul and enveloping my mind.
Plenty of room for my thoughts to stretch and roam without interruption.
Expressing my feelings without fear of being seen.
I close my eyes and let myself be free.
I feel the safest here in the middle of nowhere.
This is where I feel most alive.
This is where I can let go!

I wrote this poem on Feb. 2004

  • Just wanted to note that I've noticed since starting this blog and laying out all my poems, a lot of them are about nature or nature is mentioned in one form or another.


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