Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Since William had an awesome day at preschool and has been a good listener today, I gave him a sugar cookie and a glass of milk. He and his daddy made them last night from scratch. I got busy washing dishes and folding clothes while he ate and watched his movie. About 30 minutes later, I just so happened to walk by and glance at the plate of cookies on the counter, thats when I  noticed something.... There was an empty space where a bunch of cookies should have been. About half the plate was gone!! So, I ask my little angel about the missing cookies. He grins his big I got caught smile and runs off to his room. I took that as a yes momma I ate the cookies dash for freedom . I moved the plate to a higher location in the kitchen so he couldn't sneak anymore and went back to the endless pile of laundry. About 10 minutes later, I heard him in the kitchen again and slowly made my way in there. The little stinker had climbed on top of the counter and was in the middle of snatching another cookie. Lets just say, no one will be getting any more cookies today. They are currently in the trash!


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