Poem: Time Slipping Away

I wrote this about 6yrs. ago.

Time Slipping Away

Day by day,
Time slipping away.
Where have all my days gone?
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring,
Another year gone by.
New inventions, children growing,
Time to start on my own.
Memories of yesterday fresh on my mind,
Thoughts of tomorrow not clear.
So many problems I'm expected to solve.
So little time to make decisions.
Responsibility taking hold.
Sometimes I'm shocked by it all.
Live life fully and I'll survive.
Day by day,
Meet new people, make new friends, love my enemies.
Society is really changing.
Years and years down the road,
Who knows what our destiny holds.
Day by day,
Time slipping away.
What have I done with my life?
I have lived!


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