Forced Battles

  • This is something I wrote several years ago that I want to share. I feel I must tell you to look beyond the words and think about the real meaning of what I'm saying here. It's not meant to be anything but my emotions....

I'm trapped in an unbreakable cycle of madness, sadness, and neglect. I'm trapped inside of a shell I no longer recognize. A stranger is here, a stranger I see often. The stranger with the twisted face. Contorted into something horrid. I was pulled by a force into this unbreakable cycle long before I had the will to fight. The force, so tightly wound about me, took me by surprise. Only the stranger and I occupy this space. I hide but it always finds me. It watches me as I scream but it only hears silence, so it smiles. I fight but the cycle is too strong. The stranger is too strong. I beat on the shell for help but it goes unnoticed because I'm weak. I can hear it laugh, the contorted face smiling. The laughter echoes through the layers vibrating off the walls. I cover my ears to save my sanity. I will fight. I will keep fighting until I defeat this stranger. I will take control and become me again. I have to break this cycle. I need to find the key that will free my soul before I lose this battle forever.


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