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Only when the rain pounds
Into the night
And dark clouds swallow
The moon and stars
Am I left feeling
That the world is crying
Alongside me
Trying alongside me
To understand the sun




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Flowing into my life
Slow, smooth, steady
Melted butter on crackling toast
Causing unexpected
Amazingly awesome results
... And I am extremely grateful



Love From a Tortured Mind

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Whispered Words
Wheeze past trembling lips
Ruby Red
Like the blood that drains
From her veins
Pulsing to the beat
Pounding in her chest
In an attempt at
Ridding her body
Ridding her mind
Of the thought...
Of the feel of him
Against her fragile heart


* Don't worry my peeps... I just made this one up!
Written for Wordsmith Studio

Sentinel Spirit

photo by Dana Dampier

Before I see you...
I feel you there
Your presence
Strengthening me
We convene
In silence
Your message received
Watching you
Watching me
Moonlight binding us together
The universe binding us forever
I carve you into my skin
To never forget
My sentinel


Embracing Resolution

Me... and
Sunset infused water
As if Van Gogh painted upon a liquid canvas
Rushing upon a sandy coast
Wrapping itself around my toes
Reaching out with foamy tenderness
In an attempt to comfort with the depth of it's knowledge

The rhythmical ebb and flow
Aiding my deep contemplation
Pushing thoughts in
Pulling thoughts out

Licking the salt from my lips
Ocean breath stirring
Strands of hair
Glowing fire in the setting sun
One tear escapes fathomless eyes
Merging with the ocean as it falls

My soul
Feeling unworthy of
Deserved happiness I'm owed

This is the beginning though...
The sunset
The waves
The sand
and... I

The beginning of a new way of
The beginning of a long journey
To having patience for what's to come
To finding peace
To accepting the way things are



photo by Mark Haley

Raw, yet breathtaking
Despite a harsh landscape
Stone by porous stone
Stepping lightly into the horizon
And into a reassuring breathe of air
Raw, yet breathtaking
Crumbling, but not yet ready to give


Written for The Mag

Imprisoned Torrents

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My loves...
Can't you see the boards
Nailed across my chest
To keep the storm of emotions
From bursting forth
And sweeping those off their feet
Who choose to ignore my love
~ Dana

For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Lost All Sense

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Breathing becomes impossible
When the sound of your voice 
Finds my ears
Halting any sense that I had left
Leaving me dumbfounded in your presence



Imperfect Beauty

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Banishing thoughts of imperfection
Allowed a smile to play upon her lips
For stars to dance within her eyes
And THAT made her beautiful


For Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub

Unable to stray from who I am

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I can not banish these emotions into the depths of 
The moon 
A confidant- Won't allow it to be so
My own heart won't allow it to be so
The stars
Communicating their displeasure through Morse Code
Reminding me that this is who I am
Perpetually sacrificing
Myself for the sake of others




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Summer Soap

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"What are we doing?"
I ask myself
As we drip lazily through the days
Like warm honey
Like our world is crazy, awesome
When I know that's just a lie
"How long will it be before we end this soap opera?"
I wonder
Because every drama heated day
It gets harder to make that dreaded change
Life isn't meant to be a walk in the park
On a beautiful spring day- More like a night in hell
A walk must be earned through
Hard work and lessons learned
We've got to take off the shades
To allow the blistering sun to shine upon the situation
Only then will we see it's true nature
Seeing the beast for what it really is and
Fighting that bitch with all we have
Then maybe we can stand in the
Cooling spray of a sprinkler
If only for a moment


Open Link Night @dVerse Poets!!

Out of Necessity

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Your words - Echoing
Inside a somber mind
Gives rise to emotions
Thought long ago to be
Not out of want, but


For Open Link Night @dVerse Poets

Photography ~ Water

photo by: Dana Dampier


* Photo taken at Buhlow Lake Recreation Area in Pineville, LA 
~ For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Nature's Nudge

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Drifts across the magenta sky
Lulling me to think deeply
On unsavory thoughts
Bark laden arms
Cradling the feathered friend
Who gently urges me
To confront the truth
So I may be as peaceful
As she...


Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub

Wish You Were Here

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On Summer's breeze, I ride
An emotional air coaster
Fevered from words once voiced- Never forgotten
Pale skin burning in the midday sun
While my heart burns for you
Flames melting any hope
Of reconnecting
Hair of glowing embers
A beacon, spotlighting
An always lone- Me


For Wordsmith Studio's Creative prompt

Can't Get You Out of My Head

Photo credit: rollingroscoe from

As the last trace of sunlight makes way for the moon
And the stars begin their journey across the sky
I'm left within the darkness
Alone- My thoughts
As uncertain as the night
Fall to you
Haunting me


Open Link Night @dVerse Poets

Not of this Earth

Photo credit: clarita from

Cosmic orbs
Sparkle within your eyes
Harnessed directly from the stars
Dancing as you smile
That brilliant smile
Capturing the essence of you
A magical soul
A wondrous being
That can't possible be of
This dying Earth
Put here... my guess
To bring beauty back into
My little world


Open Link Night @dVerse Poets

Changing Direction

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Rolling through the days
Trying to find my place
Establish myself in an
Unforgiving world
Making necessary changes
Paving my way
Cause I've turned from
The old, broken road
No longer willing
To keep circling 'round
I've set my focus ahead
Shedding fears, Shedding tears
Lightening my load
And in a few years
I'll be free to roam
No longer lost
I'll be found


For Wordsmith Studio weekly prompt

Go Ahead and Try

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Rain on my parade
Cause I know you will
Eager to bring me down
I've got to tell you though
It ain't gonna work
Cause I've already won this round


For Wordsmith Studio's creative prompt

Just let me be

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One "Hello" from you
Is all it takes and
I'm groveling at your feet
One "How ya been?"
Is all I need and
I'm jonesing... jonesing
The minute I've steeled
My heart against- You
Decide to need my company
Shattering armour into a million fragments
Giving me the illusion that
I've been set free
Really though you've torn my heart
With your predictability
Cause there you are...
Then there you were
Leaving me on my knees
Jonesing... jonesing


For the 30x30 challenge

You're So Wicked

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Wicked are the thoughts
You've given to me
Wicked is the sight
You make me see
So close... so close
You stay- But
So very far
You - Play
With my heart
With my mind
Causing these wicked thoughts
Thinking you're mine


For Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub and 30x30 challenge

The Story of Us

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I awake to your
W h i s p e r s
Tingling vulnerable skin
Trembling from their tender caress
For physical touch
Having traveled miles of
Darkened highway
Your soul meeting mine
Telling the story of
As we intertwine
A connection- Deepening
With every moment that
Our mind is made aware
Of our love


For 30x30 challenge

Photography~ Childhood

photo by Dana Dampier

Sometimes life calls for a bit of silliness!


For Wordsmith Studio


Photo credit: nacu from

Eyes burning with determination
You draw me in
Hypnotized by the power
I see within
The truth
Spilling like tears
Pool in my mind
While sipping your thoughts
Like sweet red wine


For Wordsmith Studio

Photography ~ Silence

Dizzy from a broken heart, I'm lost to words... so I remain silent.

photo by Dana Dampier


For Wordsmith Studio

In Denial

Ponytail by Last Exit

The truth floats heavily
Suffocating the room
Curling up within every corner
Every crevice
To make it's bed
To peer inside your
Soul- Judging
Your lack of action
Until you set it free


For the Mag!

Lighthouse Dandelions

Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth 

With a wave from bored fingers
Unrest is brought to the sky
As dandelion seeds float
Taking root in unknown harbors
Aeriel travelers upon the ever moving winds
Fairies dancing within the elongated shadows
Of naked discs and pallid tubes
The Priest's Crown standing proud
Among haters and lovers alike


*For The Mag and dVerse!

Love Spell

Photo credit: ren from

Words spiral around me
As they fall from my lips
Floating... dancing
To my quickening pulse

Plucking the universe
In crystal form
Bejeweling red curls
And a broken heart

Whispering love letters
Into the wind
Chanting... chanting
Your name

In hopes that you may
Look my way
Look my way...


* Written for Poetry Jam


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Sketch my heart
In charcoal
Portraying the scars
So others may point judging fingers
Like winter hardened twigs

Bold in black
Buried in shades of gray

Spectators trace my charred lines
Smudging them...
As my memory blurs
From your thoughts
Affixing me with the unimportant
Like we never were...


* For dVerse Open Link Night

Photography~ Books

photo by Dana Dampier


*For Wordsmith Studio

Smiling, but not

Photo credit: cohdra from

I can't shake this emotion
Can't get out from underneath
This sadness... heaviness
That I'm not suppose to feel
But it's there...
Unmoved; unrelenting
In it's existence
I am determined though
To never let you know


Open Link Night @dVerse Poets Pub
Please let me know your thoughts!

All We Need Is...

Photo credit: Schick from

I search for you
On a thousand faces
Caressing the marks of time
And pain

Within the places that have
Slipped through the cracks
Forever hiding in shame

I reach for you
With constant embraces
Examining the souls
Of the sad

You can be harvested
Polished and glorious
Waiting to be recognized

... and applied

Because you reside
In all the races
Within all aspects
Of life


~ For Wordsmith Studio and dVerse Open Link Night


Photo credit: riyas from

Puncturing soft flesh
Within seconds
Wilting the flower
I was to become
I'm just a mess


~ For dVerse Poetics

Photography ~ Flower

Photo by Dana Dampier

Photo by Dana Dampier


~ For Wordsmith Studio

Photography ~ Birds

Photo by Dana Dampier



Words Imprisoned

Photo credit: kconnors from

Words held prisoner
Behind quivering lips
Afraid to let them fly
To be heard
... and rejected




Photo credit: lb6364 from

As we meander through nature
My three boys
Miniature treasures
In which I place within
My pocket


~ Written for Poetry Jam

Photography~ One

photo by Dana Dampier


For Wordsmith Studio

Photo ~ Spring!

photo by Dana Dampier


Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt

You and I

photo by Peggy Goetz

We are the same
You and I
Both lost
Shining like beacons
Upon a foggy shoreline
Searching to find the other


Written for Poetry Jam~ Reflections

Taking In You

Photo credit: carygrant from

Taking in you
Rapidly shuddering
Overtaken by your presence


~ Writing Cinquains for dVerse Poets Pub - Form For All

Diffusing Anger

Photo credit: dhester from

A ssssighhhh
Escapes parted lips
Warm breath leaving filled lungs
In an attempt to caaaalm flustered nerves
Before tempers
And the plonk of
Metal meets skull

After all... don't want to mess up a perfectly good frying pan.


~Wordsmith Studio's Friday Poetry Prompt: Sounds

Photography ~ Early

photo by: Dana Dampier

photo by: Dana Dampier



Finally In Bloom

photo by Dana Dampier

As the first eager buds
Upon bald branches
Paving buried paths
For the less courageous
To embrace renewal
To bloom
Within the suns healing glow
To absorb nourishing rains
After a life sucking season
... As do I


~ It's Open Link Night @dVerse!!


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Wandering eyes, Wandering mind
 Marred heart
Searching for that missing piece
Buried beneath fertile green earth
Feeding the roots of ancient trees
Cavorting among stars and mingling with the moon
Whispering hints with the aid of the wind
Like a lost lover
Kissing skin with each wave crashing upon the shore
Echoing through lonely mountain tops
A ghost among the shadows
Waiting, Wanting to be found
Longing to mend the hole
That would complete my soul


~ Written for Open Link Night @dVerse Poets

Wiped Clean

Photo credit: Alvimann from

I warned you
There would come a time
When the dirty lens
You handed me to gaze through
Would be wiped clean
And reality could present itself
Dressed in happiness and brightly lit dreams


Written for Wordsmith Studio's Poetry Prompt

New Acquaintances

Photo credit: alice10 from

I speak to the darkness
That I've grown accustomed too
Because it does not judge
Having been exposed to
All the worlds fears
The tears shed while alone
The madness that grows
Within a fevered mind
After the day has given you
The cold shoulder


*Written for dVerse Poets

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