my little redhead

I believe bull fighting would probably be easier than getting my little redhead down for the night. He didn't go to sleep until 10:45. He cried and kicked, fought and squirmed with all his little might. He screamed and pushed and acted like I was beating him. Lane must be preparing me for something because after a full day of taking care of him, everything else seems like a breeze. Within the time span of an hour, he can have this entire house declared a national disaster. I dread having to give him medicine, more ends up on me and his clothes than in his mouth. Now, I know you are saying that these things happen with every kid but should it take two full grown adults to give a 10mth. old a teaspoon of medicine? Should a 10mth old be hitting and teasing a 3yr. old. I know my parents are smiling right now because I probably gave them hell, but let me tell you, the devil his self would be scared of my baby! The point of this is, I'm way too tired to be writing any poems tonight. I need all the energy I can get to keep up with this little guy.


  1. Your right you were a wild little thing as a child. : )


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