Poem: Storm

I just wrote this a few hours ago. This is something I have actually done in the past and tonights' thunderstorm reminded me of the experience.


I smell the rain upon the air, so sweet to the senses.
I feel it in the cool breeze whirling all around me.
I hear the gentle whoosh of the trees as they begin to dance.
The leaves rustle as they skip across the ground.
A gentle clap of thunder roars in the distance warning me of the storms' impending assault.
Streaks of lightening follow close behind brightening the landscape.
Everything darkens, and yet I stay to watch.
So beautiful is this change, such wondrous music nature produces.
I wait.
I listen.
Finally, I feel it.
It falls cold and wet upon my skin.
Soaking my body, plastering my hair to my face, and yet I stay.
So cleansing to my soul, refreshing to my spirit.
I feel as one with the storm, meeting it face to face.
I feel, I am calling upon nature to heal me.
I feel, I am the storm.


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