Williams' Surgery

Many of you know my little man had a surgery yesterday to remove his tonsils and adenoids. A really common surgery that always yields the same great results. Why then, knowing the facts, did I cry when they took my baby away? I blubbered like a fool! To my relief, the surgery lasted 20 minutes long and I was back with him again. Talk about one peeved kid, it took four of us just to get the IV out of his hand! We got him home and made him as comfortable as we could. Well, in no time at all, he was playing with his toys and eating everything in sight. He is doing awesome. It's a fight to get him to take the medicine, but we manage. He goes through periods of grogginess, then he regains his energy and is back to normal. It's during one of these groggy periods that he did something so unbelievably funny. Lane and William were eating these purple yogurt bites that melt in your mouth when Lane decided to smash some on Williams leg. William was so out of it that he didn't realize what Lane had done. Once he did realize though, he freaked out. He began to cry and tell me he has a boo boo and it hurts. I tried to explain to him that it was food and we could get a towel to clean it off, but he just wouldn't believe me. The poor kid was so upset about the surgery, I guess he thought new boo boos are appearing everywhere! He was hysterical and would not let me get close to his leg at all. The funniest part though is when he began limping away from me to keep me from touching it. He was so convinced he had a boo boo, he was limping! I could not stop laughing. I just left it on his leg and held him tight in my arms. Later, when he had calmed down and was more hisself, we cleaned it off his leg together.


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