My two troublemakers

I love my little guys! They are my world, my life, my everything. I didn't realize how incomplete I was until I held them in my arms for the first time. They have taught me so much about myself. I am a better person inside and out because of them. They have taught me the importance of family and the true meaning of love. They have taught me patience (god knows you need it with these two!) I've learned to not judge others so harshly because it's there heart and soul that matters the most. I've learned that time is precious, spend every minute of it with the ones that you love. It flies by so quickly and you miss the little things in life that are so important. They have taught me to appreciate nature through their love of the outdoors. Everything is an adventure and no rock goes unturned. No leaf goes uninvestigated. No sand tastes too yucky to eat! Their little faces light up when they come across some new bug or animal, they are in total awe of the world. I've learned that the dishes can stay dirty for another couple hours and the clothes can stay in the dryer for one more day because building with blocks is so much more fun! I learned that the 5 second rule can really be stretched to 10 seconds because it still tastes good ( hence the love to eat dirt). They have showed me that singing, dancing and acting silly can be stress relieving (it can also double as exercise). My little guys are so smart and wonderful. William is really becoming aware of other peoples' feelings and how certain actions and words can affect them. For example: today I was sitting in the recliner with my eyes closed and my hand on my head. William comes up to me, puts his hand on top of mine very gently and says" Are you ok baby? Do you need me to get you something?"....I said... " No honey, I'm ok. Mommy just has a headache." William says..."Oh, I will help you". He walks into the kitchen and grabs something off the counter. When he comes back, he's holding a bag of M&M's and says..."Here you go mommy. Eat some of these and they will make you feel better". I said..."Thank you so much William." I ate a few M&M's. William starts lightly patting me on the arm and then says..."Are you feeling better honey?". I was so proud of him. I had the biggest smile on my face. Now, my redheaded Lane on the other hand can be a real handful but he has his own little gestures to show me he loves me. He will rub my arm when I'm rocking him to sleep or he will pat me on the back when I'm holding him. Just typing these words and telling you this story brings tears to my eyes. I love these two little troublemakers! They give me a lot of grief but the moment I look into their eyes and see the love shining through, makes every minute worth it. It makes every tantrum and every "no momma" null and void. My brain does a mass delete on all the times I just wanted to pull my hair and run out the door screaming! Yes, it does get that crazy sometimes. Every bit of it is worth it. I feel so lucky to have them in my life. I feel so blessed to be able to hold and cuddle with them in my arms, to tell them every day that I love them. I don't ever take them for granted. I do however, take them to their Meemaws house so I can get a much needed break!


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