Something to think about

I wanted to get some opinions about something I've been thinking about doing. Since I can't seem to get a job doing anything else in this bad economy and I want to contribute something to my family, I was thinking about writing books. Now, I have no idea about what the content will hold or how to even go about writing a book, but I was thinking, it never hurts to try. I seem to be getting some good feedback on my writing and I've always kind of wanted to be a writer of some sort. I would appreciate any kind of advice or just give me your opinion. I know it's a long and hard process to get a book published but I will be willing to try it. I've already checked into publishing my poetry but I've found out there is no money in it. Maybe I could combine my poetry with whatever the subject is that I'm writing about. This blog has helped enormously by building my confidence in my writing skills and I'm so glad I started it. It has given me the opportunity to share a part of myself with everyone that you may not have known I possessed. I will keep everyone updated on my progress with this if there is any!


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