In Transformation

The word twists about my mouth leaving behind a familiar taste as I repeat it in my thoughts.


Soft red ringlets, vibrant blue eyes
owned the world; grasping it to her chest
No patience, endless time
was what she possessed.

What the hell is that?

A dreamer, a lover
A fighter for life
Young and free
use to be me.

Time has changed that.

Life stepped in to
tame my soul
Trials, Tribulations
Three little hearts
came to me.

I require a different goal;
surviving the motherhood sea.

Unhappy I am not,
but life could be more sweet
I must retain the qualities
of who I use to be
Combined with lessons learned;
I struggle to find myself;
to find my lost identity.

I am transforming


This post was written for BloggyMoms Writer's Workshop.

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  1. Wow!! What beautiful prose on motherhood!! You are dead on too. We are constantly transforming, needing to remember who we are even as we change. I love it!


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