Poetry is Art

A picture is a poem without words~ Horace

 Have you ever allowed your eyes to linger upon a painting; focusing your attention on the elements that form the work of art?

Now is the time...

 With a focused mind, take in the painting... encircling it in it's entirety like you would a potential lover.

 Observe the prism of colors as they bounce from the canvas entering your thoughts; manipulating them to draw your devotion. Golden yellow stars contradict the various shades of blue to give the appearance of a nights' sky. The texture, like the ocean, ebbs and flows; encouraging your imagination and fingertips to caress the layers. Follow the lines as they intertwine to form shapes. A couple strolls beside the river while remaining a part of the shadows in order to retain a bit of privacy. Can you feel the depth... the emotion? Can you hear the rippling water as a cool breeze brushes your skin?

 A mere glimpse of "Starry Night Over the Rhone" evokes a change in me mentally. I'm there... within the painting, surrounded by Vincent's soul. I feel his emotions, enveloping them; giving them a new voice through poetic form.

How tragic that such beauty resides in loneliness.
Put forth for the world to realize
Imprinted for eternity in the Starry Starry Night
How tragic that they did not see
How tragic

Another artist I favor...

 Clementine Hunter was a self taught folk artist from Louisiana (my home state). She is a classic example of how art tells a story. Clementine painted life... her life and others close to her on the  Melrose Plantation where she lived and worked. Often painting from memory and on anything she could find (milk jugs, bottles, boxes) she sold her paintings for 25cents. I find her art extremely unique and beautiful.

"Baptism" A mural depicting plantation life

 Through eyes... through art we are able to envision a world however we please it to be, real or imaginary. With each stroke of a brush, a dream becomes realized; a story dances across the canvas waiting for a viewer to discover it. Wanting new life, wanting to be told; it reaches out to you. The connection between art and poetry lays there... in the heart of that story.


*This post is a companion piece to Music is Poetry

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