To my mom...

The rays of the sun
shine upon her dark hair
A spotlight seeking her out
to reveal true beauty

Wisdom escapes her mouth
through careful words;
through experience
She yearns to save others
from her follies

A story lives
within her brown eyes
Pain calls her heart home
but only love pours forth
revealing an immeasurable strength

Immensely loyal to those
she holds close
Warmth radiating from her embrace
emanating from her smile

She flourishes within the light
A red rose standing among yellow

A halo rests a top her head;
wings adorning her back

An inspiration to whom she touches
An inspiration to me


Happy Mothers Day to all moms!

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*Photo courtesy of  nuttakit


  1. right back at you; if anyone lost their mom, no matter how old, or how young you are, were, read Hope Edelman's Motherless Daughters!

  2. a lovely dedication to one 's mother , well written .


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