Changing Me




You say it’s me, I say it’s you… 

Neither of us though, actually have a clue

It’s bigger than that… you and I

It’s bigger than just our little lives

You say it’s my walls, my lack of interest

You say I’m the cause of the issues at hand

I say it’s you… your negativity

I say it’s your attitude and inability to understand


A feeling of loss gathers in my stomach

Weighing down it’s contents and my heart

Swirls of sadness dance… circling my head

Blocking my vision of the world

A longing for something unknown to me

Hangs like a cobweb around my thoughts

Capturing  the confusion settling there

Ideas that peddle through my mind

Are quickly shunned due to the reality they contain

Decisions too hard to make

Linger like a thick aura

Resentment coils around my heart

I refuse to change… to give in

But where is it ….

Where is the end?

What are the truths within these words?

Will either of us win?


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  1. it is a hard place...both so sure in their position neither is willing to give...and in the end i think both lose...

    1. I know... nothing good can come of this, but it's so hard to give in when you know it's not right to do so.

    2. but you know neither feels that way...reminds me of tough times my wife and i went through a few years is overcomeable...

    3. We've overcome so much already in our time together. Life has not been easy, but I know we can get through this too. Trust in me that it's not up to me though... you can't make a person do something no matter how hard you try. It must be up to them to decide things are important enough.


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