The truth is...

I'm not without flaws...
I've just learned to look past them
I'm not without fears...
I've learned to fight them
I'm not without pain...
I've learned to hide it
I speak the truth...
Whether it be what you want to hear or not
All you have to do is ask

No one is perfect. I don't expect them to be and neither should you.

Until you understand this... you don't really understand me.


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  1. that's it in a nutshell-scratch that, in a vase of words - we are all like this!

    1. Sometimes you have to remind people what your all about!

  2. amen...we are all broken and imperfect people...and in that i think there is power...a realization there is nothing to compete for...i am who i am and that is truth...smiles.

    could not imagine going through this pregnant

    1. First... I am so happy that you and your family have cool air and electricity. It was difficult being pregnant in such horrid conditions for sure... but I very seldom take it for granted anymore!

      I have accepted that I will never be perfect... but to be happy with life is close enough for me. I am a broken woman, but that too I have accepted and I've moved on.


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