Back home

Just got back from a trip visiting my in-laws in Austin, which is the town we just moved from. My hubby was off for a few days and the boys were missing there Maw Maw and Paw Paw so, we decided to go. It was a really good trip. One of the days, my husband and I managed to get away for a little while to catch lunch and a movie. Its been a LOOONNNNGGG time since I've been to a movie theater, 3 years to be exact! As a matter of fact, its been a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time since I went anywhere without kids in tow. We chose to eat at Wendy's. I know it's not very romantic but we went there simply because I like the place but, it's also because we don't have one where we live now. Then, we went to watch Transformers 2. It was a pretty awesome movie. This day made the whole trip worth it. Just to be able to spend some time out doing things we don't normally get to do without the kids. I really appreciate my in-laws watching my rugrats for awhile and allowing me the time. I'll need the memories of that day to get me through until I can have another one! Not to mention that they cooked some really, really good brisket for us. We had a great time but, I am definitly glad to be back in my own home tonight. Like Dorothy said,"There's no place like home".


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