Poem: What a lovely place to dream

What a lovely place to dream

Sitting by a stream, thinking of a dream I'd love to come true. Sitting on a log watching the rippling water flowing downstream to maybe another distant dreamer. I see a leaf floating by, conquering all the curves and bumps that the water has to offer. The sun shining through the trees, playing tricks on the mirror like water. The rays of light maybe sent by god warming my face as I think. What could be a better than this? I watch as a family of ants march across the stream using a stick as a bridge. Carrying their food to where ever it is they live. Carefully, they walk with their loads on their backs going over and around the land. A butterfly breezes by with the gentle wind showing a flash of color. How beautiful it floats through my dream. It lands right beside me perhaps to say hi and take in all the beauty of the time. I move to touch the water and watch as it curves around me. I feel the coolness against my warm skin and think about how lovely this is. What could be more perfect than this moment? Only if everyone could find a place like this to dream.
Sitting by an ocean thinking of a dream I'd like to come true. Sitting on the jetty seeing the vastness of the water and watching the waves crash against the granite rocks. I feel the whispers of the salty water as it kisses my body. The water rolls back into the ocean toward another place where someone is dreaming. The sun, a giant orange blaze, setting in the sky covering the world in colors of reds, pinks, and blue. I think, what could possibly be better than this? I watch as a shrimp boat raises it's nets for the day and slowly drifts back home to port. The wind giving it a small tug as it blows all around and through my hair. I capture a glance of a dolphin coming up through the chopping waters. His grey skin shining in the sunset. Perhaps catching a glimpse of the beautiful world surrounding him. I close my eyes and smell the salty air and my soul is immediately calmed. I could stay in this exact moment for the rest of my life and be in heaven. What could be more perfect than this? Maybe sharing my dream with the world.


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