Can't believe it's Sunday

So, I went outside to check the mail after lunch today to find the mailbox empty( we typically get a lot of mail). Now, why do you think that is? HMMMM.....lets see. GRRRR! I keep forgetting that today is Sunday. I know to a normal person.... it would obviously be Sunday, especially since we just had a MAJOR holiday. I'm not normal though, at least I don't think so. I don't have a calendar hanging anywhere in sight to remind me of the day and we don't have normal work weeks. My cell phone(which I carry all the time) has a calender on the screen, but I never can remember that. My hubby( his name is Aaron) works a weird schedule.....and to me, the weekends happen on his days off.(He had to work last night and tonight.) That's when we go visiting people and run most of our errands. Plus I'm currently a stay-at-home mommy and it's pretty easy to loose track of time when you don't have to be somewhere important. I remember the days when I was running crazy to be out the door and I don't miss them. Yet, I do miss the adult interaction I received when at work. My little man (William) is 3yrs. old and use to be in Child Care which is where I use to work. He also doesn't miss the early mornings and crazy rush, but just like me....he misses the interaction. I've been trying to find things in our area to get him involved in, but I haven't had too much luck. It has to be after lunch since we can't seem to make it out the door before then! I did sign him up for a tumbling class at a gym right down the road and he LOOOVVVVEEEESSSS it. Only thing's only one hour, one day a week. It's not enough. He's turned into a crazy, fit throwing, toy stealing, aggressive mess. He even told me he wanted to go back to school. I said, "We will talk about it later". I've continued saying it. One of these days, we will actually have to talk about it. Anyways.....I am glad I eventually got a hold of myself long enough to remember the day because tomorrow is trash day. We absolutly can't forget trash day. Plus, he goes to tumbling on Mondays and if I forgot to bring I said earlier, that's all he has.


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