These people we call family

As I look upon pictures of my family old and new, I can't believe how lucky I am. I'm talking about my whole family, not just the wonderful one I started. I really do love those guys! We have had our drama and problems like any other.....sometimes I think even more so. I am proud of who we have become and the legacy we have started. We have been able to pull through some rough times when called upon to do so. We have banned together and put aside our issues when someone needed us the most. It could almost be considered heroic. (You'd have to understand my family) I don't even think some of us realize we did it! As a family, I believe we should stick together. Accept who each of us are as a person and just love the hell out of each other. This is who and all we have, we need to cherish every minute of it. Like I said before...... history hasn't been kind to us, but it's exactly that...... history! I'm not saying to forget but I am saying to forgive. It will be alright. We have already made it through the hardest part, being in the same room together for any given period of time. That goes for everywhere in the world. Even as I sit here writing this, relationships are being mended. It's a beautiful thing. I am so proud of my family right now. Please don't harbor and hold things inside, it's not good for the soul. It's not good for the heart or the mind. Set them free and watch them fly. We will do it together because we are family, we need each other now and when the times get rough. I know we can do it!


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  2. " we need each other now and when the times get rough. I know we can do it!" Very strong words that you put do at the end & 100 % true, but only if you belive they are. Remember all the good times & forgive in all the bad times. Rebuild what you started & not destroy it


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