Poem: Awakening

I wrote this poem in 2005


I sit in the grass still crunchy and brown from winters past freeze. As I look toward the setting sun, it casts soft pink light that coats the landscape. Warmth radiates from the orange blaze that is peeking above the trees. I close my eyes and feel the breathe of wind gently stir my hair and caress my skin. My mind is clear and I concentrate on my surroundings. The rustling of the trees fill my ears and I can hear birds singing their last song for the day. It's such a beautiful sound. I feel lucky to witness the last hours before nightfall when the earth is getting ready to slumber. This is when I choose to pray. This is when I feel closest to god. Goosebumps raise on my flesh and I know I'm no longer alone. I feel the presence of another. They sit beside me and enfold me with their silkiness. I open my eyes and realize my purpose. To live and love with every fiber of my being. To learn and experience what I can before I go. I've been given new eyes and I see the world like never before. It's more beautiful than I ever imagined. As I feel the presence take it's leave, I whisper "Thank you". Soft silkiness still envelopes me and I know I'll never really be alone. The sun, now barely peeking over the horizon has painted the sky with red and purple. I'm eternally grateful for this chance to start anew, grateful for the people in my life. I'm ready to go forward and I anticipate the coming of a new day.


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