Poem: A Good Day

A Good Day

A clear mind, a clean shirt, a cool breeze. It's a good day. A sunny sky, a happy smile, a cheerful laugh and mommy I love you. The worry has ceased for now. Great tunes blasting, a pen and paper in hand, a big cushioned pillow. Relaxation is setting in. I'm free to wander where I will. No distractions, no illusions, no baggage to carry. No cleaning, no cooking, no chores whatsoever. I've got food in my fridge, a dollar in my pocket, and all the bills are paid. What more could I want! The love of a husband, the trust of my boys, my family, my friends shine through. It's been a good day. I'm not sure what the days to come will hold, but I will make it through with the memories and the promise of another good day.


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