Pavement- a poem

I've come upon this old dirt road. It's just as others have described it. Dusty, Rocky, and incredibley long. I've tried to avoid this road, but unmistakably I'm here. The decisions I've made have not mattered, the choices did not change a thing. Something led me here. Somehow I was destined for this path. I've been walking for a few months now. Still the same scenery around every turn, over every hill. Although there is nothing but dust surrounding me, I know there's got to be an end. There's nothing but the whisper of the wind, but soon I will hear laughter. It seems I'm the only one around, I know I'm not alone. God is walking beside me. Others before me have made it through, others after me will too. I try to smile through the tears and think of fond memories to fade my fears. I try to have some patience, I do my best to go on. Sometimes I call out for help, but I know I must accomplish this myself. I've got to replenish my soul, I've got to fill my lungs with a fresh breath. I just hope, I just pray that I will see pavement soon.


  1. I like that you end the poem using the title.
    nice one.


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